About Us

Warlowe, LLC prides itself on exceeding expectation. Our design team currently consist of the two founding members; Chris Wharton and Zack Lowe.

Both Chris and Zack graduated from Penn State with Electrical Engineering degrees, and have a combined in-field work experience of 15 years. Both members are familiar with leading teams, creating projects from the ground up, project managing, transitioning a product into manufacturing, and automating test setups/procedures.

Warlowe is located in State College, PA, however we are very familiar with traveling to support projects. Depending on the needs, extended travel is always a possibility.

We can also help with:

  1. Proposal generation
  2. Investigative work
  3. Failure Analysis
  4. Design for Environmental considerations
  5. Assistance of transitioning a produt to manufacturing
  6. Design Changes to existing products
  7. Test bed creating
  8. Quality improvements including processes, procedures, and automation

Whatever your needs are, reach out to us and see if we can help. We won't sign up for work that isn't in our skill set and that we aren't confident about! Our team is flexible to the demands of varying projects. Let our industry experience and our hard work ethic bring a variety of new and fresh perspective to your next design.